Week 2 Post

This week’s assignment made me realize how certain professional social media accounts can create job opportunities. This week I created a separate Twitter account, unrelated to my personal account. On my new Twitter account I only followed specific people. I didn’t follow The Kardashians, or Justin Beiber simply because how do I benefit from following them? I followed other professional account’s like Delaware Online, or CNN. By following these accounts I will begin to learn whats happening in the world which will help me in my major. Also when employers see who I’ve followed they will think differently of my online presence. This Twitter account will definitely give employer’s a positive outlook on who I am. In the video, “Overexposed” the boy didn’t get the job because he was posting inappropriate pictures online. This goes to show how easy it is for an employer to research who you are. One post from your night out on the town can make or break your job opportunity.


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