Week 3 Post

We explored many different tools in this weeks assignment. The article “Back to School: A Blogging How-To” touched on different ways to approach your blog. Blogging is not only a good way to get yourself out there for employers. You can use your blog to impress your classmates during a school project. The article also touches on how much easier it is to incorporate schoolwork into your blog, because then you’ll never lose it. The article explains how during the semester things are busy; therefore, it’s hard to meet for group projects. You can use various collaboration features on WordPress so each member of the group can go online and do their part. This weeks assignment also connected us with our professional Twitter accounts. I believe that this connection will give employers a positive outlook on not only us, but our blogs as well. After graduation I think these tools will continue to help me. As a Criminal Justice major I need to be involved in technology updates, and know how to use different widgets. My Feedly page will be a really cool way to keep up to date on the latest news. I can add different types of news, or anything to my page to keep updated.


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