Week 5 Post

This week I explored different online organizations that pertained to my area of study. As a criminal justice major I want to work as a criminal investigator. I mainly want to deal with rape victims,  and homicide cases. I found a website called “Delaware County Women Against Rape.” I’m really happy I came across this page because I may actually get involved in this organization. This organization is full of volunteers who answer hotlines, and counsel rape victims in Delaware. The people involved seem to be very invested and dedicated to helping the victims. When I started searching for people who were conversing about the group I discovered another organization. The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, otherwise known as PCAR. PCAR often posts about The DCWAR. When I searched DCWAR on Facebook, PCAR’s page came up and there was a link to an article about how helpful DCWAR participants have been. The article had some really good insight on the work the organization is doing. This article looked trustworthy because its a legit site, pcar.org. I will definitely start following up on this website. When I checked on Twitter for anything DCWAR related, a few people had hash-tagged it. There were several trustworthy looking accounts but there was one that I wouldn’t necessarily follow.  A woman had tagged the DCWAR in her tweet and told everyone in the Philadelphia area to come out and support a 5K they were holding. Although her post is perfectly fine, I wouldn’t follow her. I looked at her other tweets and they were random. Tweets about her kids, and her life. I think its awesome that she was trying to get people to come out and support the organization, I just wouldn’t follow her.


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