Week 9 Post

For this weeks assignment I chose to describe a picture. I was exploring my options on Flickr when I came across a photo that read, “Anxiety.” The definition of Anxiety is, “a feeling of worry, nervous-ness, or un-ease; typically about something with an uncertain outcome.” Could this not be a more accurate state of mind for a college student?

At 17 we are asked what we want to do with our lives. How could we possibly know? The pressure to decide what you want in life is exhausting. Our journey begins our freshmen year of college. As students we are faced with several responsibilities. These responsibilities consist of work, school, housing, book costs, tuition, and extra-curricular activities. Juggling these tasks is hard, but we do it. Students don’t give themselves the credit they should. Working 20+ hours weekly, and also attending 5 classes a week. Managing your work and school schedule is difficult, but we create a balance. It may lead us to exhaustion, but as students we know that hard work will pay off. We are faced with so many responsibilities all at once, and it can be overwhelming. There are plenty of times I’ve been overwhelmed with work, school, and creating a balance. Beginning our adult lives is terrifying, yet exciting all the same.

At the age of 19 I can openly admit that I frequently struggle with Anxiety. I can also admit that as a student, I know I am a hard worker.

My sophomore year is now coming to an end and I have declared a major, and I couldn’t be more excited about that. I believe the college experience is about finding yourself. I started my freshmen year of college a completely  different person than I am now. College is a lot of hard work and late nights; I guarantee its worth it.

(The picture)



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