Week 11 Post

For this weeks assignment I created a Prezi account and answered a few questions. My college experience so far has been incredible. I can only expect it to get better. Although I have endured hard times throughout the past two years, I made it through and will graduate with an Associates Degree soon. College is tough, and it takes a lot of time and hard-work. I have learned how to be a dependable student, and person. This has helped me in my work area as well. It has shaped me into an awesome employee. College is good for you in so many ways other than just educational, although that is a huge part. Meeting new people who will become life long friends, making memories, finding new hobbies, and learning new skills. These years are shaping us into the people we will become in the future. I couldn’t be more thankful for my college experience. Over the course of this semester this class has taught me a lot of online skills. I have learned how to create a blog, Prezi, use cool-tools, and make different types of videos. These are skills I will carry with me throughout the rest of college, and maybe even in my career field. I have learned to watch what I post online for it is detrimental to my future career. I think everyone should take part in this course because it challenges you to think.

(My Prezi link should be attached to this.)