Week 11 Post

For this weeks assignment I created a Prezi account and answered a few questions. My college experience so far has been incredible. I can only expect it to get better. Although I have endured hard times throughout the past two years, I made it through and will graduate with an Associates Degree soon. College is tough, and it takes a lot of time and hard-work. I have learned how to be a dependable student, and person. This has helped me in my work area as well. It has shaped me into an awesome employee. College is good for you in so many ways other than just educational, although that is a huge part. Meeting new people who will become life long friends, making memories, finding new hobbies, and learning new skills. These years are shaping us into the people we will become in the future. I couldn’t be more thankful for my college experience. Over the course of this semester this class has taught me a lot of online skills. I have learned how to create a blog, Prezi, use cool-tools, and make different types of videos. These are skills I will carry with me throughout the rest of college, and maybe even in my career field. I have learned to watch what I post online for it is detrimental to my future career. I think everyone should take part in this course because it challenges you to think.

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Week 9 Post

For this weeks assignment I chose to describe a picture. I was exploring my options on Flickr when I came across a photo that read, “Anxiety.” The definition of Anxiety is, “a feeling of worry, nervous-ness, or un-ease; typically about something with an uncertain outcome.” Could this not be a more accurate state of mind for a college student?

At 17 we are asked what we want to do with our lives. How could we possibly know? The pressure to decide what you want in life is exhausting. Our journey begins our freshmen year of college. As students we are faced with several responsibilities. These responsibilities consist of work, school, housing, book costs, tuition, and extra-curricular activities. Juggling these tasks is hard, but we do it. Students don’t give themselves the credit they should. Working 20+ hours weekly, and also attending 5 classes a week. Managing your work and school schedule is difficult, but we create a balance. It may lead us to exhaustion, but as students we know that hard work will pay off. We are faced with so many responsibilities all at once, and it can be overwhelming. There are plenty of times I’ve been overwhelmed with work, school, and creating a balance. Beginning our adult lives is terrifying, yet exciting all the same.

At the age of 19 I can openly admit that I frequently struggle with Anxiety. I can also admit that as a student, I know I am a hard worker.

My sophomore year is now coming to an end and I have declared a major, and I couldn’t be more excited about that. I believe the college experience is about finding yourself. I started my freshmen year of college a completely  different person than I am now. College is a lot of hard work and late nights; I guarantee its worth it.

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Week 8 Post


That is the link to my cool tool. I chose this cool tool because it looked really different. This cool tool has a-lot of animated features you can add to your site, which I thought was pretty cool. This website allows you create a different type of blog, and add silly features.


This is the link to my Google Site. I chose this theme for my site because it looked clean. I want my blog to be about fitness, and certain tips. I’m not positive on how I want to organize everything on my page but I think it’d be really interesting to create a fitness blog. It would not only give me motivation but people around me.

Week 7 Post


Through this weeks activity I discovered how close to graduation we are. As sophomores we still have a-lot to accomplish, but we are closer to our goals. We will soon graduate with our Bachelor’s degree and begin our lives. The future is a scary thing to think about because we don’t know where we will be in the next few years. I have several things that I want to accomplish before I graduate. The Police Academy is a huge goal of mine to complete in the near future. I believe we all have the ability to achieve our goals if we work hard! The video A conversation with my 12-year-old self is really cool. It gave me the idea to do the same thing! It would be really interesting to talk about where I am right now, what I worry about, who I hangout with, and what my job is in a video and look back on it in 20 years. I wonder how different my life will be. It’s a crazy thought!

Week 6 Post

In episode four of Everything is a Remix he said, “Our new ideas evolve from the old ones.” This statement couldn’t be anymore true. As the world evolves we develop new technology; therefore, giving us the opportunity to create something better. In episode two he discusses how Star Wars uses Joseph Campbell’s ideas from the book, “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.” I think this is perfectly fine because Star Wars took parts of Campbell’s idea and incorporated it into their own idea. The creators of Star Wars took ideas from many different areas and put them together to create this awesome movie. In episode two he also claims Star Wars is an updated version of Flash Gordon. There are many similarities between the two, but I don’t think they legitimately copied Flash Gordon. I think that many movies wouldn’t exist today without the ideas of past movies. There are only so many genres, and story lines you can create. My thoughts pertaining copyright law are that it is definitely necessary. People should have the ability to protect their work/ideas because they created it. There is a level of protection people should have when they publish their work online. A copyright or patent for someones work should last around 15 years; therefore, their work is protected until a new generation of technology arrives (although technology is progressing rapidly.) Although remixing and plagiarism are very similar, I don’t believe they are the same thing. There are many ways you can “remix” something. For example, you can take a beat from a song and incorporate it into your music. When I hear the word plagiarism I think more about stealing the actual words. Which is definitely not okay! In episode one of Everything is a Remix, he uses the band Led Zepplin as an example. I wasn’t aware of how much music they published that was extremely similar to other artists. Led Zepplin even used similar lyrics to other artists, along with their beats. Led Zepplin is still an amazing band, and they were very successful. But it’s not okay for them to take other artists creations and claim them as their own.

Week 5 Post

This week I explored different online organizations that pertained to my area of study. As a criminal justice major I want to work as a criminal investigator. I mainly want to deal with rape victims,  and homicide cases. I found a website called “Delaware County Women Against Rape.” I’m really happy I came across this page because I may actually get involved in this organization. This organization is full of volunteers who answer hotlines, and counsel rape victims in Delaware. The people involved seem to be very invested and dedicated to helping the victims. When I started searching for people who were conversing about the group I discovered another organization. The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, otherwise known as PCAR. PCAR often posts about The DCWAR. When I searched DCWAR on Facebook, PCAR’s page came up and there was a link to an article about how helpful DCWAR participants have been. The article had some really good insight on the work the organization is doing. This article looked trustworthy because its a legit site, pcar.org. I will definitely start following up on this website. When I checked on Twitter for anything DCWAR related, a few people had hash-tagged it. There were several trustworthy looking accounts but there was one that I wouldn’t necessarily follow.  A woman had tagged the DCWAR in her tweet and told everyone in the Philadelphia area to come out and support a 5K they were holding. Although her post is perfectly fine, I wouldn’t follow her. I looked at her other tweets and they were random. Tweets about her kids, and her life. I think its awesome that she was trying to get people to come out and support the organization, I just wouldn’t follow her.

Week 4 Post

This weeks assignment explored many different tools we can use online. An article that I previously bookmarked pertaining my major was full of a lot of information, but there were only certain points that I wanted to highlight. Using the Diigo toolbar I was able to highlight those important parts. I was also able to add sticky notes, and annotations. These annotations will come in handy when studying for an exam or writing a paper. We also explored BitLy. BitLy is a tool we can use to shorten URLs so they aren’t crazy long. I did a test run in BitLy with my YouTube account.  It shortened the URL down to six letters instead of 20 jumbled numbers and letters. BitLy makes it easier for you to remember your URL. BitLy is an awesome tool and will definitely come in handy in the future.

Week 3 Post

We explored many different tools in this weeks assignment. The article “Back to School: A Blogging How-To” touched on different ways to approach your blog. Blogging is not only a good way to get yourself out there for employers. You can use your blog to impress your classmates during a school project. The article also touches on how much easier it is to incorporate schoolwork into your blog, because then you’ll never lose it. The article explains how during the semester things are busy; therefore, it’s hard to meet for group projects. You can use various collaboration features on WordPress so each member of the group can go online and do their part. This weeks assignment also connected us with our professional Twitter accounts. I believe that this connection will give employers a positive outlook on not only us, but our blogs as well. After graduation I think these tools will continue to help me. As a Criminal Justice major I need to be involved in technology updates, and know how to use different widgets. My Feedly page will be a really cool way to keep up to date on the latest news. I can add different types of news, or anything to my page to keep updated.

Week 2 Post

This week’s assignment made me realize how certain professional social media accounts can create job opportunities. This week I created a separate Twitter account, unrelated to my personal account. On my new Twitter account I only followed specific people. I didn’t follow The Kardashians, or Justin Beiber simply because how do I benefit from following them? I followed other professional account’s like Delaware Online, or CNN. By following these accounts I will begin to learn whats happening in the world which will help me in my major. Also when employers see who I’ve followed they will think differently of my online presence. This Twitter account will definitely give employer’s a positive outlook on who I am. In the video, “Overexposed” the boy didn’t get the job because he was posting inappropriate pictures online. This goes to show how easy it is for an employer to research who you are. One post from your night out on the town can make or break your job opportunity.

Week 1 Post

While I was creating this blog page I started to get a little confused. This confusion led me to my professor who I knew could answer my questions. While my professor answered all of my questions, I also informed him of another blog page I have. He asked if my name was connected to this other blog site, and what kind of blog it was. My other blog is a personal blog and my name isn’t connected to it. Although my name isn’t connected to my personal blog, I wouldn’t necessarily want a potential employer to see it because its personal. He told me that when potential employers are deciding whether or not to hire someone, they often google their name. My point is you have to be careful what you put online. Any social media account you have could be detrimental to your future job. Staying completely professional online is key when job hunting.